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Just Enuff PVC Plastic Cards - Specifications and Printing Information


We use the highest quality PVC card stock in 30 mil thickness.


Our printers are industrial grade and specifically designed to be only for printing PVC cards, so they give the best results in color, consistency and speed, which results in your satisfaction.

Our cards can print one or two-sided, in either "full CMYK color" or "black line art". We do not print on colored cards since this affects the artwork appearance. It's better to have any colored backgrounds as printed artwork so that you know what it will look like before printing.

While this will leave a tiny visible white side edge, colored cards tend to bleed through the print layers and make colors like people's skin tones look strange, so we prefer not to use them. This also helps save you money by allowing you to get only the quantity you want and quickly, as we do not need to stock various colors.
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At the present time we do not do foil printing.

Quick Turnaround

Because we are an independant company, and our niche is only small quantities, we can get your order to you in lickety-split time!

Please download our


before starting your artwork.

You can download our

If you need to see the actual rounded corner radius, you can download our corners template but please make sure your artwork bleeds fully into corners.


Do NOT round corners to fit the card. The corners template is only a guide for if you are making a thick border on the edge of your artwork. Please start your artwork with the correct settings before you begin by reading our setup guide. This will save you time and hassle in the long run, if you set it up properly before you start, and has guidelines to help you make proper choices for artwork components!

Click here for an ORDER FORM.

FAKE Access Cards, ID cards, etc

If you are requesting access cards or ID cards of any sort, and the access or ID card would potentially give access to an event, location or entity that actually exists, then we will verify if that location, company or entity has given you permission to do so. If you have no connection to that company, entity or location, then please do not request we print cards to give you access, because if we cannot verify that you have permission to create such cards, then we will not print them. We will ask you for the contact information of the management of the company, entity or location, to verify you have access. Please do not send us your friends' or neighbors' contact info as we will verify contacts through proper channels. It is illegal for us to print access or ID cards that are fake and could potentially give someone access to an event or location on false pretenses.

Security Coating Option

Watermarked cards have a faint texture imprinted into the top clear coating, making them have an opaque design that appears only when the card is tilted.

You can have optional standard watermarking of your card with one of the preset designs available, or order an exclusive watermark made for your company. Either way, this helps prevent cards from being forged and is an easy way to quickly verify that the card is authentic.

QR Codes

Any kind of information you can store online or in a text file can be made into a QR (quick reference) code and printed onto the card. These codes can be deciphered to display the stored information by some cell phones or mobile devices equipped with a camera, internet connection and the app loaded to read QR codes.

Printing your website URL as a QR code is a great way to get people to find your business information fast, whether you work for yourself, a large corporation, or are an artist or poet who wants to promote their work easily with every person you give your business card to.

Magnetic Strips

We can print cards with magnetic strips, but we don't load the information onto them. We will leave that up to our customers, as the information can change. You can get a magnetic loader/reader to manage card info or whatever else you'd like to use a magnetic strip for.

Signature Panels

We can print cards with a signature panel, just make sure you leave room for it in your design, and let us know you need this feature.

Sequential Numbering

Please provide artwork with Photoshop layers or as PDF pages if you will have numbers that increment --

    the main artwork layer (or page),
    and the numbering in separate layers (or pages).

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