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PVC Plastic Cards Printed with QR Codes - and Just Enuff!

Cards are 30 mil thickness - full color printing

Business Cards

plastic business cards small quantity QR codes

Want business cards that don't get crumpled, soggy or thrown out? Get PVC plastic cards!
Plastic business cards are sure to impress that most important contact or client.

No matter if they're for yourself, or for your product or service, we have cards
that have staying power!

Do you have QR Codes on your Cards?

QR codes can be printed on the back of your cards to lead the recipient to any kind of information -- text, contact info, any URL (like website pages or blogs), a youtube video
with a personal message, or any kind of creative way you can use to give information
to someone else... If you can store it online, you can put it on the card as a QR code.
The possibilities are endless!

Gift Cards -- Store Cards -- Promotional Cards -- Valued Customer Cards

No matter what your business is, we can create stunning cards to promote it in a way
that is attractive and sets you above the rest! Gift cards are now affordable for
every business! People like the convenience of giving gift cards... Why not add your
company's offerings to their gift-giving list?

Membership Cards -- Club or Organization Promotions

So many clubs need membership cards, but with limited enrollment, and the cost
of buying too many cards, it didn't make sense -- until now!

You can order only what you need, when you need it. From magnetic strip cards
to QR codes and barcodes, we can print it, and you can load specific membership
or access information onto the card using a magnetic strip machine. Just let us know
in advance that you want cards with a mag strip and we can print them for you.

No more "cheap-looking" membership cards for your club... Call us today!

Identification Cards

No matter what your business, we can print your employee badge cards for less than
making them in-house. With all the concerns with workplace safety today, we can print
your cards and you only need to worry about controlled access via magnetic strip. And with
the photo of each employee on their ID badge, you can identify anyone at any time.

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