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Price List

File Setup

  file setup                                                                             free  

  mag strip (optional)                                                               free  

  signature panel (optional)                                                      free  



Full Color Front
(same artwork)
Your choice of 30 mil thick - like credit card (full color backgrounds allowed)
10 mil thin - flexible (NOTE - white background only for thin cards)

Quantity   Price per Card
  full color on reverse       extra $1.00
  black line art or text on reverse       extra $.50
  300       $1.93
  200       $2.10
  100       $2.24
  50       $2.38
  30       $2.54
  20       $3.45
  10       $4.99
  6       $8.30
  3       $14.99
  2       $19.99
  1       $35.99


Black Text Line Art --- One Side Only
(same artwork)
10 mil thin (flexible) cards

Quantity     Price per Card
  300     $1.05                                                   10 mil only
  200     $1.20                                                   10 mil only
  100     $1.30                                                   10 mil only
  50     $1.98                                                   10 mil only
  30     $2.14                                                   10 mil only
  20     $3.05                                                   10 mil only
  10     $5.40                                                   10 mil only
  6     $7.59                                                   10 mil only
  3     $13.99                                                 10 mil only
  2     $17.99                                                 10 mil only
  1     $33.59                                                 10 mil only

Please see our DISCOUNT TRANSPARENT CARDS page for complete details when ordering.

transparent plastic business cards lowest price small quantity canada free shipping


Please note - because of the way our cards are printed, it is not advantageous to order from other companies.

Why? --

Others print ink on plastic sheets then cut them into cards, so they can make large quantities cheaper than we can, but the setup and cutting of cards is too expensive for small quantities -- that's why they ask for large orders -- and you end up with cards you can't use, at a hefty price too.

We use heat transfer of colored plastic layers (not ink) onto already cut PVC cards that don't need cutting, so we can make small quantities cheaper than they can. The added benefit of our cards is that while the others print using ink -- which scratches off -- we use thermal plastic colored film layers that are fused to the plastic card below -- to make our images -- so they don't scratch off! And this is why we can offer the lowest price with no minimum quantity!

Security Watermark

You can add a design imprinted on the top coated layer as a textured image, which is only detectable when the card is tilted sideways. We have designs to choose from, in various combinations. Or if you would like a custom watermark that is registered for use by only your company, we can order it.

  standard watermark on front           10% of printing cost
  custom watermark on front     call for quote

QR code or Bar Code

  if same on all cards                                                 free
  you supply on layers                  0.20
  we place on layers                  0.40


  you supply on layers                                               0.20
  we place on layers             0.40

Holes Punched (Specify Round or Slot Shaped Holes)

  per card                                                               0.20

Design Services / Artwork

  set your artwork to our specs                               $25.00
  design using your logo and text                 $50.00
  full design - hourly rate           $40.00

Photographs Used in Artwork

  outsourced online if needed - usually about $10.00              cost

Shipping & Handling

  FREE regular shipping to Canada or continental US address
  all others --- GET QUOTE from K0B 1R0 to your postal code
  Express -- you pay actual shipping charges

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