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Just Enuff - PVC Plastic Cards - Frequently Asked Questions

What is your turnaround time?
This a small home-based company so I can have your cards printed and shipped either the same day as the invoice is paid, or the day after. Regular shipping is included, and for US destinations can take 2-4 wks but a quicker method is your choice. I can ship overnight if requested.

How do I send my artwork?
Please email the artwork to us after having read the SETUP GUIDE, specs page and verified your file is correct for content (there are no text errors) and is ready to be printed.

Why can't we send vector or EPS image files?
Because these files don't have consistent color from one software to another. While you may have created the file in one software, I need to open it with a more generic one, and it doesn't always filter the intended color if it was created in another software. If you send us JPG, BMP, TIFF or PDF image files, they are more stable from one software to another.

Shouldn't I allow extra space for bleed?
Our printer only needs the exact number of pixels in the file to make sure your artwork bleeds to the edges. It adjusts this automatically so there is no need to add even one more pixel, and doing so will only shrink your artwork to fit so you're better off not adding any. You also don't need to round the corners as the printer just doesn't print them.

How are Just Enuff plastic cards printed?
They are digitally printed using layers of cyan, yellow, magenta and black plastic film that heat transfers the colors right into the plastic card substrate. There is also a top layer of clear film as a protective coating.

Offset printers can do much larger quantities, but they take longer to set up and process into cards, making small quantities impossibly unaffordable for the smaller business or individual. That's why I don't use offset. Our setup allows us to print cards in any quantity, with no minimum. The cards are not printed onto huge sheets of plastic then cut, they are individually printed on precut cards, on an industrial printer made specifically for PVC cards. The colors in offset are made with inks that sit on top of the plastic below. Ours are made with layers of color that fuse to the plastic below.

Laminated Products Exist. Why are PVC cards better than laminated?
PVC plastic cards look more professional, they last longer, the printing is sharper, and there is no card or paper stock layer to worry about peeling apart. The colors on a PVC card are glossy and bright since they mainly sit on the top layer of plastic, rather than being absorbed into a paper layer like laminated cards. PVC cards are just like most credit cards. Laminated cards look and feel like an old-fashioned library card.

How do I know if I need Design Services?
If you have difficulty preparing the artwork for print then you will need one of the following services:

    I will place your artwork to our specifications.
    (Includes 1 revision if necessary)

    I will make artwork out of your logo and content, by making a layout and composition for it so that it is easily readable, attractive to the customer, and will properly fit onto the card. This also includes placing this artwork into our specs.
    (Includes 2 revisions)

    I will create a logo, image, and marketing idea with text to suit your business. This includes placing the created artwork in a layout and composition so it is easily readable, attractive to the customer, and will properly fit onto the card. This also includes placing this artwork into our specs.
    (Includes 2 revisions)

Why don't you print on colored plastic cards?
Because the color shows through the cyan, magenta, yellow and black print layers and changes the appearance of the intended colors. Faces that should be flesh color can appear green. Other colors change too. The only way to get proper colors is to print them on a white background. This also cuts down your costs because I only need to keep white cards in stock.

Do you print cards with mag strips or barcodes?
Yes I print on cards with any extra feature like mag strips, barcodes or QR codes, but I do not offer loading the information onto the mag strips.

What if I want special features but don't know how to do them, like, for example, making and inserting QR codes?
Give us a call and I can either set it up for you or at least describe how to do it.

What if my question is not listed here?
Give us a call anytime between 9 and 5 EST.

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