Just Enuff - Small Quantity Plastic Business Cards - Lowest Price!

Just Enuff understands why small businesses would like to have a small quantity
of PVC plastic business or gift cards without having to buy too many, and with
a short print run and fast turnaround, you can get just what you need,
at the best price!

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Then everytime you need more cards, your reorder is just a phone call away...

Just Enuff is a small business in Canada, owned and
operated by a professional graphic artist. Anne has
worked in the graphics design and publishing field for
major corporations for over 16 years -- in the software,
telecom and aerospace industries. She has designed
everything from logos, brochures, websites, tradeshow
billboards, CD labels and advertising to illustrations
for some pretty big products, including Ericcson's
Jambala, FL Mobiledev and other high tech products.

Her flexibility as a designer means she can go from clean, corporate style to rock
band grunge with ease, as her rendering skill can produce any style of artwork.
Whatever your message needs to say, she knows how to portray it. Whatever the
"look" or "feel" of your business or organization, she can design it.

Anne has extensive experience in color and printing process, having years of
experience with troubleshooting professional print jobs.

We strive for the utmost quality in printed PVC cards. Our printers are
professional grade, and specially designed for PVC card printing. PVC cards are
not laminated, they are 100% plastic (no paper layer). There is no "ink" used. The color is heat transferred to the plastic card, which creates bright, glossy color that doesn't scratch or rub off. Our printed 30 mil cards are just like a credit card or any store gift card.